Nail Services

When looking to have your nails polished to perfection before date night, or as an after-work pick me up, our skilled technicians always deliver. We have curated a relaxing space that features comfortable manicure stations, so that you can be assured a clean and professional experience. Our nail technicians are also skilled in applying an array of specialized enhancements including acrylic or gel polish services – gorgeous, yet durable, manicures that are formulated to last.

Acrylic Nail Services$60+
Acrylic Fill In$30+
Dip Nails (plus tips)$60+
Dip Nails (plus manicure)$75+
Dip Nails$50+
Gel Manicure$45+
Natural Manicure$30+
French Manicure Add On$10+
Nail Art (priced per nail)$5+